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5 years ago we bought 2 chairs for 5000. dollars. We are 2 professional adult, no children. The chairs have been so sunken in for the last couple years....finally I put a board on the chair....because it was causing back issues. I like the look of the furniture...but the quality for the money is very disappointing.One would think a chair which cost 2500. would last more than a couple of years. I did contact the company...but they were sorry they... Read more

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We purchased an expensive Natuzzi set (2 sofas, arm chair and automan) for $6,000 from Sears and paid extra for the Guardsman warranty in 2010. The leather started to wrinkle, peel and crack during the first 4 years and this is not in direct sunlight and has gentle use. Sears wiped their hands of it telling us that we had to contact the manufacturer, Guardsman said the same thing and after many, many attempted calls, emails and letters (even... Read more

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Bought two Natuzzi Italia leather sofas with electrical reclining via a authorized Natuzzi dealer in Northern California. Upon delivery of the sofas, both sofas has severe reclining issues: One sofa's recliner didn't work fully and other one kept opening and closing randomly all by itself without anyone pressing the buttons. Delivery person note down both issues and informed the dealer. This was over 1 year ago, and Natuzzi didn't make any... Read more

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In 2014 I bought two Regia tub chairs and two Ciak sofas and the fabric on all of this furniture has gone loose they look so ugly and cheap now. The foam on the Regia tub chairs arm rests move around making the fabric look even worse. It's so frustrating because I contacted Natuzzi and they didn't bother emailing me back!

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Custom ordered a Diesis GR30 Custom Motion Couch from a local retailer in Oklahoma. Took about 4 months to receive, which was what I was told to expect. Couch looks great, love the leather, and finish. The problem has been with the motion control. Long story short I have been patiently waiting for over 4 months and it is still not fixed - as I am not sure my retailer has the technical expertise. Anyway, I decided to write an email to the US... Read more

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We had a bad experience as well. We ordered an 111 inch sofa along with a 69 inch loveseat. After waiting 5 months for the furniture (had to pay in full 3 months before delivery), we got an 83 inch sofa. We didn't refuse delivery, as we had no furniture in our living room, and we thought it was an innocent mistake on Natuzzi's part. We trusted them to exchange the sofa for the size that we ordered. What is truly sneaky on their part is... Read more

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  • Aug 29
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The faux leather they call leather is a joke! The living room set we paid $4,800.00 for peeled and dis colored within 2 years! No customer service from Florida leather Gallery and no customer service from Natuzzi!

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  • Aug 24
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Look at the leather on my arm chair. The sofa is the same way. The spring broke on the seat of the sofa a year after we got it and Macy's would do nothing. Dont buy Natuzzi.

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I was lucky that the faulty arm leather was replaced when the corners collapsed within first few months, but the new leather rippled immediately and they say it's right. I love the design of my £3900 sofa s but the shape has been lost within the first 6 months. I have no animals and no children, I live in the kitchen and barely use the sofa's how can this be right! Why do the showroom arms not ripple. Extra padding maybe! The arms started... Read more

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We purchased a Natuzzi couch and side chair recliner. My mom has three couches all Natuzzi's and they have been the best leather couches we thought until we bought them ourselves. We purchased them from Carsons in the Chicago area. It has been the worst experience for a consumer who loves to decorate. I have tired to have the company fix a lemon of a couch but they gave up. We have had Carsons out 3xs to fix what seems to be a poor frame. We... Read more

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