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I have had my Natuzzi leather sofa and recliner for 10 years. We just moved and my wife insisted on new leather because of the color of our Natuzzi.

She hates the maroon. I will include pictures of our furniture at its current condition after 10 years of use with me, my wife, our two children, and our two boxers. Yes, our dogs, big dogs, have lounged on this furniture as well. You can see by the pictures that this furniture needs cleaned and conditioned.

It has looked this way before, and with a good cleaning and conditioning the leather will look as good as new. However, for this review I wanted people to see the abuse and the resulting condition. This furniture has withstood all of this use and some abuse without a single hole, tear, or framing malfunction.

The recliner still works without a hitch. Anyway, I couldn't be happier with this furniture, and only hope that my next set will perform this well.

Product or Service Mentioned: Natuzzi Sofa.

Reason of review: Good quality.

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You can change the color yourself....go to rubnrestore.com

Just amazing !

Oceano, California, United States #1063083

Considering 10 years and some abuse it looks like you got your monies worth.

Considering the majority of complaints posted not sure how many are legit, hope it's not for most of sofas? Recently bought a Costco set and having it returned.

Natuzzi Response

Thank you for the lovely post, we are currently trying to serve all the posts on pissed consumer.

to Natuzzi Response Oceano, California, United States #1063088

I see your replies but what do you do for complaints, we are in the market to purchase sofas but we are concerned because we're not sure any follow up is being handled. I understand that you have a 10 year warranty but if you do not handle complaints properly or without action might as well give me a 50 year warranty if no follow up, what's the difference?

to lou #1169686

Your warranty is up, time for new sofa mister complainer.

Hinsdale, Illinois, United States #948988


West Des Moines, Iowa, United States #890831

I have 2 sets of Natuzzi, over 25 years old. I asked a retailer about where they now manufacture.....Romania and of course China, but what isn't made in China today?

It is "Italian leather".

I am ready for a different set, as I want a custom color.

We will see, the prices are very reasonable compared to other "Italian leather" products out there.

No one with complaints has described the reason for the complaint? Other than made in China?????

to viniowa Oceano, California, United States #1063092

China is known for using substandard materials on the cheap side, big difference when it comes to harden wood vs press wood for internal materials, any good manufacture will boast about the material used when building the frames, haven't seen anything with this brand on what they use. Back 25 years ago I bet they used hard wood frames, makes a big difference.


Don't buy a new one now made in China

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