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Natuzzi sold us leather furniture that was not leather. It was bicast.

Bicast is to leather as particle board is to wood. ***!

When you read complaints about peeling, melting and cracking Natuzzi furniture it is because some sucker, like me, paid a lot of money for terrible product. If anyone wants to put together a class action lawsuit, I'm in.

Natuzzi is a rotten company. I am looking forward to them going down in flames. One can not take pride in producing quality leather and at the same time pump out pure *** bicast from China.

Do not be an *** like me and waste your money on Natuzzi.

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Natuzzi Response

Thank you for notifying Natuzzi, we value your feedback. We apologize that you have been having issues with your recent Natuzzi purchase. Please email us at information@natuzzi.com so we can further assist you and point you in the right direction.


I also think they are deceiving (CROOKS as we call them in the mid- west ).

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