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We bought our natuzzi couch just over three years ago. We are a couple .

. .no kids. After two years, the leather started to peel. Now, three years later, there are numerous embarrassing spots all over the couch where the leather has completely peeled away.

This couch was expensive and the salesman assured us it would last. Now it looks like a very cheap couch. We will NEVER buy from Natuzzi again.

I am going to try to take pictures and send them into the company but from reading other peoples reviews, I don't think we will get very far. We are very disappointed.

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Natuzzi Response

Thank you for notifying Natuzzi, we value your feedback. We apologize that you have been having issues with your recent Natuzzi purchase. Please email us at information@natuzzi.com so we can further assist you and point you in the right direction.


After 4 weeks our new Italsofa ( Natuzzi) leather sofa looked very old, with sagging cushions,un-done stitching, badly stretched leather. We were lucky - after a fight with the store (lousy attitude at cust.service/GM level) we got all our money back.

Now we have to start over but will not buy any level of Natuzzi from anywhere, and tell everyone.

We sold our 15 year old Italian made sofa on-line for 600.00 and it looked far better than the new one does after one month! Maybe that's the way to go - buy used from unsuspecting naive people who just want a new look and think new leather is just as good as it used to be ( or spend 5000 - 8000 on a sofa.) Very sad but at least we do have roofs over our heads!

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