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To everyone: Don't buy Natuzzi it looks pretty, but its the worst of all leather furniture you can buy. We paid over 5k owned ours for less than two years.

The frame is has broken ( we are not big people by any means), the foam is disintegrating.. Sure the leather is nice but we wore sold a couch that was suppose to be one of the best and last for at least 10 years. Cant reach customer service for 3 months. No response from corporate.

Don't waste your money. What a crock. I call out to all of you. respond to this comment.

I would like to organize and get rid of this company all together.. It is a privilege to do business in the US, not a right.

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Natuzzi Response

Thank you for notifying Natuzzi, we value your feedback. We apologize that you have been having issues with your recent Natuzzi purchase. Please email us at information@natuzzi.com so we can further assist you and point you in the right direction.

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Bought my Natuzzi sofa love seat and chair in 1992. Best purchase I ever made. All are still holding up well 20 years later after 5 boxer dogs and now 2 teenagers.


We also bought a Natuzzi sofa and seat from Sears and the cushions are also disintegrating.Will never buy this brand again. :(


Thank you all for saving me the disappointment. I wont be buying one!


:sigh I bought a Natuzzi sofa and chair which was delivered in January of this year and since the end of October the cushions have completely disintegrated and we are down to sitting on the wood!. We bought it through Sears Canada who have a good reputation for customer satisfaction but they are deferring to Natuzzi's warranty!

This is ridiculous, we do not have money to throw away and it is totally uncomfortable.

Perhaps we could all get together and go for a class action suit or something. Neither company should be able to get away with this.


Thanks for your comments. Too bad that we hadn't done research on this company first.

We too have sectional furniture from Natuzzi thru Front Room Furniture Store. The mechanical headrest don't work and a few of the sofas look old, dirty or used. Repairman was here several time. Long story...........short now they want to order new mechanical parts for the headrest.Problems were noticed immediately when the furniture arrived a few months ago.

I want them to take it back. But wonder how to get all of the money that we gave them.


I visited the Natuzzi store in Glasgow today and was shocked. They are offering 20% off everything as an opening offer but then I look at their website and ALL natuzzi stores are offering 20% off so it isn't actually an opening offer?

Is this legal? Their website doesn't show any prices so what is the actual normal price?

I see they are being investigated for their prices practices, no wonder!

Everyone is getting rather upset here about the long delays. They told me in the shop it would take 18 weeks or longer so why the surprise?

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