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bought natuzzi recliner in illinois. no sellers out here in nevada during the 5 yr.

warranty time. one 200 miles away who wants me to bring them to his store. finally 6 yrs later they sell natuzzi in nv. took one year to find a store that also serviced the chairs.

spent $150.00 to get rid of chair squeeks--lasted one day. now repairman wants to charge for replacing whole bottom mechanisms. would like some "good will" considerations from company to help defray the costs, but there is no where to write if you are in the USA.

anybody have an address? thanks

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Natuzzi Response

Thank you for notifying Natuzzi, we value your feedback. We apologize that you have been having issues with your recent Natuzzi purchase. Please email us at information@natuzzi.com so we can further assist you and point you in the right direction.


made in china


my natuzzi is 2 years old and the recliners in the sofa and the single recliner are having problems. Furniture Row sends someone out after 6 months of complaining, they blow smoke up the managers butt about waiting for parts to fix it.

Were still waiting, they dont make the saddle color we have any more so if it has to be replaced they gotta replace all of it. you can bet I wont get recliners with the next set.


i have a couch and chair @ ott. @recliner and the color is rubbuing off someone gave me and address of

Natuzzi 130 W.

Comerice St.

HIGH Point N. Carolina 27260


We had a similar problem with Nauzzi.We bought a leather sofa and armchairs. Natuzzi pushed us into a type of leather they claimed was "scratch resistant".

They also sold us warranty, "just in case".

After few months, we noticed a scratch on one of the armchairs. Not only they refused to help us fix the problem, but also they would not return phone calls.

This is a company with a very nice product but equally bad customer service.


We purchased a living room set from Natuzzi about a year and a half ago now. We discovered that one section of the sofa was flat (seating) and one of the chairs leather was over stretched.

We contacted them right away. It has been nearly a year and a half that we have been dealing with this, a matter that should have been taken care of ASAP by Natuzzi. What good is a waranty when the company does not honor it. My credit card may have taken care of this earlier, had I known what Natuzzi was doing.

At this point Natuzzi is not even returning our calls or e-mails.

Have anyone had any success with their waranty and this company. If so, please contact me.

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